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I've really cut back on my social media this year. I haven't been updating my blog, Facebook or Twitter much. I decided that 2014 was going to be a lot more focused on our little family. Chris and James (our Standard Poodle) are worth it!

I realize that we don't have many personal photos this year but that is okay. We have lots of memories and I actually enjoyed so many things we did because I wasn't trying to get the best photo of that moment.

I did see this recent blog post from Scarlet Plan and Design about unplugged weddings and I wanted to post a link to it here. The idea of unplugged weddings is having your guests actually enjoy your wedding and not have their eyes focused on a gadget such as their phone, iPad or camera.

We have noticed more and more guests are missing the moments because they are staring at their gadgets. I used to LOVE the photos of the first dance when guests would lovingly look at the bride and groom. Now they are all staring at their phones and cameras. And I loved the moment where the bride walked into her ceremony. I even used to turn around on some weddings to capture everyone looking at the bride. Now that shot would never work - it would be a photo of many cameras and phones staring at the bride.

Here is the link to Scarlet Plan and Design's blog post on unplugged weddings. You have to see some of the photos they feature!

This one they featured from photographer Liz Yeakle just breaks my heart:

What an amazing moment and what a great photo - oh wait - except that girl leaning in and ruining it with her iPhone. This ONE photo makes up my mind that if Chris and I got married today we would definitely have a "gadget check" like a coat check at our wedding.

Did you see the article on unplugged weddings last summer in the New York Times?

It talked about a phone check station where guests drop off their phones at a station, which they can visit periodically. They set up sofas, where guests can check in with their children, work, etc. I think this idea is brilliant!

Orlando wedding photographer

Birkenstocks are back in style

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I can't believe it - Birkenstocks are back in style. Several window displays in Georgetown feature mannequins wearing white Birkenstocks. Here is one at Urban Outfitters on M Street:

Some say that Celine started it on the Spring 2013 runway (they didn't have Birkenstocks but they did have sandals of a similar style) but I say the trend started back again with Houghton on their Spring 2014 runway.

From the Spring Summer 2014 Houghton runway - I love the all white look with white Birkenstocks:

Even Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes wears Birkenstocks:

Leighton Meester takes a break from Blair Waldorf on the set of Gossip Girl and wears Birkenstocks:

Other findings on white Birkenstocks on the internet:

I also love the all black look with black Birkenstocks:

Orlando wedding photographer

Orlando wedding photographer

Jennifer Garner at the Oscars 2014

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I LOVE Jennifer Garner. She is so cute! And 13 Going on 30 is one of my favorite Jennifer Garner movies. I wonder how long it took her to practice acting like a 13 year old without laughing and being super embarrassed!

Here is Jennifer at the Oscars this year. I love her Oscar de la Renta gown. If you saw it on TV she looked like a real life silver female oscar. It sparkled and flowed so beautifully as she walked the red carpet.

I'm just not sure about those super duper platform Brian Atwood Anais shoes. They must add 6 inches to Jennifer's height when she wears them!

White Jumpsuits for Weddings

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I have always been a huge fan of pantsuits. I used to wear them to weddings all the time (black ones of course). But now the jumpsuit trend is coming back and I love it! I think a white jumpsuit would be great for a bride - she could wear it for the wedding or for the reception. A bride could also wear a white pantsuit to the rehearsal dinner or a post-wedding brunch.

Check out this white pantsuit (jumpsuit) from Alice + Olivia at Bloomingdales:

I really love the T back of the white jumpsuit:

Alice + Olivia Jumpsuit - Gab Ultra Wide Leg Pleated $495

I would pair this Alice + Olivia white pantsuit with a sash or belt from BHLDN to dress it up for my wedding:

BHLDN - Crystal Lattice Sash $300

Here is another great jumpsuit in white for a wedding:

Pant Suit by Reiss Francesca

Nordstrom has this nice white jumpsuit and it is white leather! I think white leather is going to be big this summer. I was in Banana Republic yesterday and they had a lot of white leather!

I LOVE the open back:

Tamara Mellon - Backless Stretch Lambskin Leather Jumpsuit $1,995

If white leather is a bit too much for you this simple white pantsuit is also at Nordstrom from Rachel Zoe:

Rachel Zoe - Rayder Jumpsuit $296.25

And finally, for that haute couture pantsuit bride there is always Stephanie Rolland. Did you see her Spring 2013 line?! Wow! I love the white dresses and pantsuits and I also loved the mix of black and white and all black jumpsuits. Stephanie Rolland did have some dresses in the mix but the pantsuits are what really stood out to me as beyond amazing design!

I don't think "WOW!" even begins to describe these jumpsuits! I would LOVE to see a bride wearing one of these!

Orlando wedding photographer

Orlando wedding photographer

Jonathan Adler collaborates with Toms

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Have you seen these Toms shoes? Toms recently collaborated with designer Jonathan Adler and the patterns on the Toms are so cute!

I love walking past the Jonathan Adler store and seeing everything they have featured in their windows. And my all time favorite Jonathan Adler item that I own was a Christmas present from my mother in law - this cute Jonathan Adler Poodle ornament!