Nail Stickers - I tried them!

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Oh Pinterest - you draw me in with these beautiful ideas and images! One of them - nail art. It is all over Pinterest! Even P!nk uses her Instagram to talk about her caviar nail art.

So I just kept looking at those nail art stickers at Ulta and I was just too afraid to try it. But I recently had my 20% off Ulta coupon and decided it was time to try them out. I bought a Halloween stick on, peel off set. They were hot pink with black sculls. Perfect for Halloween!

They were actually really easy to apply. I did it outside one afternoon while swinging in my air chair. The only problem I had was my nail shape. My nails are very, very rounded (the actual body of the nail, not the tip). So the stickers didn't quite round over my nails perfectly without a few pucker spots. I then started to notice that most people have very flat nails. I think these stickers are aimed more at the flat nail people! But overall they were very cute! If I didn't have the pucker spots they would last much longer. But those little pucker spots catch everything and then they chip like nail polish. I couldn't even sleep one night with them - we have really silky sheets and they were catching on the sheets too much. I was afraid of tearing up my sheets. So I took them off only hours after I applied them. They were so easy to remove - they just peeled right off.

I tried them again at a dog shoot with a few of the remaining stickers. Again, they were super easy to apply but they were getting caught on things (the pucker spots that didn't quite fit my very round nails). So they chipped all day long at the tips. Then at the end of the day when I washed my hands the water must have been able to get under the stickers and they fell right off. Oops. I guess they don't last in water! But these were just the peel and apply, peel and remove kind. I know some brands require nail polish remover - I am trying those next!

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