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Patagonia has the best catalogs! Of course their products are amazing. But they also feature the most incredible photos! I get excited every time a new catalog arrives. I think I look at the photos first and the products second!

A recent Patagonia Catalog had this photo of Jenny Konway running in Sedona, Arizona. This photo just pops with beauty - the natural red rocks, green cacti, white snow and brown tree mixed with the red, blue, hot pink and purple in Jenny's outfit. I wish we had trail running here in Florida! Well, we do - but it definitely not the same.

When I was in Phoenix last summer I loved getting up before sunrise every morning to hike up Camelback Mountain. There were only a few parking spots so you had to get there early if you wanted one of them! I was the 2nd to last spot one morning! Yikes! I recently read online that they are renovating the Echo Canyon lot to increase the number of parking spots. I can't wait to go back there one day with Chris and show him the area. I fell in love with Phoenix and the surrounding areas!

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